My Wish

Two decades ago yesterday, my daughter Natasha was born and I was a mom for the first time. I will never forget the first time I held her, it was exciting but a little frightening as well. I remember wondering what she would be like as she grew up and became her own person. Now 20 years later she is a smart, beautiful strong young woman and I want the very best for her. This song makes me think of her every time I hear it, so I decided to record it to remember her 20th birthday!

By Desiree Renae

I am a Mom, a professional and in my heart a performer. I enjoy singing and recording, not only for myself but I really feel it can bring joy to those around me. I was born blind, which comes with its own challenges and sometimes barriers. I am always looking for opportunities to give those around me positive energy. When others feel good, I feel good.


  1. Beautiful,I got a little emotional, it made me think of Gina. I’m so jealous but so happy at the same time. Love you so much

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