Somewhere Over The Rainbow

I loved this song as a kid and sang it a few times to my own kids. To my 3 sweet beautiful daughters, I hope you reach for your dreams and find the life you long for. Remember I love you always. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: RSS | Please Subscribe to Learning… Continue reading Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Baby Mine

All three of my daughters responded to music and often my singing to them. Of course I sang the standard lullabies, but sometimes I wanted to sing something a bit different. This song was especially effective with my middle daughter. She would be crying and all worked up and I’d start singing this song to… Continue reading Baby Mine

In My Daughter’s Eyes

This song came out when my oldest daughter was a baby. I used to sing it to her often. She has recently gone off to college and I recorded this song again. It was tough getting through it. And I now have 2 more daughters, so it has some extra meaning.