I’m A Believer

I am no stranger to sleeplesss nights. In fact, most nights I don’t sleep more than a couple of hours. Last night, or rather this morning, I just couldn’t lie still in bed. So I shut myself in my office, where I have a space with a little insulated sound room for recording. I just turned on my mixer and sang through some random songs. I am not sure how many of them will be kept and/or posted, but this one turned out all right. I am wanting to do more upbeat songs, so would be open to any ideas people may have for that.

By Desiree Renae

I am a Mom, a professional and in my heart a performer. I enjoy singing and recording, not only for myself but I really feel it can bring joy to those around me. I was born blind, which comes with its own challenges and sometimes barriers. I am always looking for opportunities to give those around me positive energy. When others feel good, I feel good.

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