Goodbye My Val

This year has certainly seen me through several life changes, most of them wonderful. On July 25, 2023 however, we had to say goodbye to my second Guide Dog Valkyrie or Val as we liked to call her. She was my faithful guide and companion for over 10 years. She was full of life and knew how to enjoy everything she did. She saw me through many sleepless nights and through some fantastic events in my life as well. Her passing was quite sudden and although I know I did what was right for her, the empty space she has left in my heart will always be there. I know in time I will mostly laugh when I speak of her, but for now, two weeks after saying goodbye, I tear up, missing her presence and all that she meant to me over this past decade.
I wanted to pay tribute to her in a way that would both celebrate her and highlight her importance in my life. I searched for a song to sing, but none of them fit my feelings. So, with the help and encouragement of my new husband, I took one of the songs I had found and wrote different lyrics for Val. The original song is called Goodbye My Friend by Linda Ronstadt. I call it Goodbye My Val.
I will write the words below:

I’ll never forget the day I met you,
You showed me through the thumps of your tail;
That you and I were meant to be together,
And I just know our love would not fail.

Goodbye my Val.
I know you can’t be here with me now,
But the love you gave me through all the years will someday dry these tears.
It’s okay now,
Goodbye my Val.

You saw me through the storms of my life,
You were patient;
You gave me the strength to go on.
You always made me smile, you loved life, you never worried;
That’s how I want to live when you’re gone.

So goodbye my Val.
I know you can’t be here with me now,
But the love you gave me through all the years will someday dry these tears.
I’m okay now,
Goodbye my Val.

You stood with me on my wedding day, when I became a bride;
Now I have what I’ve wanted for my whole life, and you were by my side.
You brought me home now,
Goodbye my Val.
You can go now,
Goodbye my Val.

By Desiree Renae

I am a Mom, a professional and in my heart a performer. I enjoy singing and recording, not only for myself but I really feel it can bring joy to those around me. I was born blind, which comes with its own challenges and sometimes barriers. I am always looking for opportunities to give those around me positive energy. When others feel good, I feel good.


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