Somewhere Over The Rainbow

I loved this song as a kid and sang it a few times to my own kids. To my 3 sweet beautiful daughters, I hope you reach for your dreams and find the life you long for. Remember I love you always.

I Cross My Heart

So many songs take on different meaning with life experiences. I heard this one many years ago and liked it a lot then, but it has much more significance to me now. To my fiance Jonathan, this is another song I get to sing with feeling because of you.


I wanted to record this song to help commemorate the anniversary of my engagement last Valentines Day. It is really thrilling when you feel and mean the words you are singing. Sometimes music can communicate your feelings much better than you can with just words. I truly hope my Fiance knows how special he is… Continue reading Valentine

You’ve Got A Friend

This song is for all of my friends; past, present and future. Good friends are difficult to find, so when you have them, always treasure their friendship.

Daydream Believer

This was a fun song to record. I did have to slightly amplify myself on some of the lower notes so they would be heard and sound even with the rest of the vocals. But it is a nice upbeat way to start the day.