This is always a very popular song with people. Not only is it a classic, but the words are relatable to almost everyone at some point in their lives. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: RSS | Please Subscribe to Learning Blind Tech with Desiree Renae

Top of the World

This is my very favorite song by The Carpenters. It carries more significance for me since last year, when I first met my now fiance. I suddenly knew what the song was trying to convey. We both found ourselves singing it every day and those around us would laugh at our big grins as we… Continue reading Top of the World

Cradel Song (in French)

I attended the University of Texas at Austin and graduated in 2000. I had to put on 2 recitals in order to receive my Bachalor’s degree in vocal performance. This is one of the pieces I performed in 2000. This selection is in French; we had to sing in multiple languages.

Watch Me

I recorded this song for the first time in 1992 along with some other songs and put them on a tape I gave to several family members. My Grandpa really like this song and from then on, most times when I would see him, he would say: “O watch me, walk away.” When I recorded… Continue reading Watch Me

White Christmas

This timeless classic Christmas song has always been a favorite of mine. I do not currently live where I can enjoy a white Christmas, so it is definitely a dream. There is nothing like snow on Christmas morning, a fire in the fireplace, sitting in front of the Christmas tree sipping hot chocolate and listening… Continue reading White Christmas

In My Daughter’s Eyes

This song came out when my oldest daughter was a baby. I used to sing it to her often. She has recently gone off to college and I recorded this song again. It was tough getting through it. And I now have 2 more daughters, so it has some extra meaning.