Baby Mine

All three of my daughters responded to music and often my singing to them. Of course I sang the standard lullabies, but sometimes I wanted to sing something a bit different. This song was especially effective with my middle daughter. She would be crying and all worked up and I’d start singing this song to her and she’d quiet down almost every time. She still enjoys this song so I decided to record it again last year.

By Desiree Renae

I am a Mom, a professional and in my heart a performer. I enjoy singing and recording, not only for myself but I really feel it can bring joy to those around me. I was born blind, which comes with its own challenges and sometimes barriers. I am always looking for opportunities to give those around me positive energy. When others feel good, I feel good.


  1. Desiree, you wrote this song didn’t you? If you did write it, please make that clear. I’m sure people would appreciate know that. I really enjoyed this song. I saw an Audacity file of this song that I thought you created and edited. Can you put a snapshot of that on this web page? BTW, I’m so glad you are growing professionally….that i to say marketing your talents.

    1. Oh no! I didn’t write it. I did use audacity to record it though. I sang it many many years ago and just recorded it again this past year. I don’t know about professional, but I hope for the opportun to get to sing for people again. Thanks so much for visiting my site!

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