I have brown hair, a nice smile, and I am wearing a green sweater.

Welcome to Desiree Renae’s Music. On this website, I will post covers of my favorite songs. I do my best to choose songs that best fit my voice.

I enjoy singing various types of music and am always looking for new songs to try. Several of the songs I have covered were requests from friends and family. If you have an event and would like a certain song, I am definitely open to trying new selections.

I would love more opportunities to perform or record. Music brings life to any gathering and I enjoy being a part of that through song. I have performed at office gatherings, Holiday parties, weddings and church services. I look forward to upcoming opportunities to bring my music to events such as these.

For the most part, my performances have been in person. However, with current trends moving toward more virtual events, I am very open and have the technology to sing virtually. Songs could either be performed live or pre-recorded ahead of the event. I currently live near Austin Texas and depending on timing and location, I could perform in person. My main purpose is to have opportunities to sing.

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